FABMANILA was created by partners and sisters, Jenny and Sheila. Together with their friend, Anna, they began designing and selling fabric reversible bags to friends and family. The good response inspired them to join bazaars and set up an online shop www.fabmanilabags.com

Over the years, FABMANILA has gained a huge following - from high school and college girls, to yuppies and cool moms - who just love their fun and unique designs. Now, they have more than 7,000 friends and fans in Facebook and over 5,000 Instagram followers.

FABMANILA's product line has grown to include bags, wallets, travel items and organizers. Each item is lovingly created using high quality materials and with great attention to detail. All products are proudly designed and made in the Philippines.

In 2012, the founders launched a new sub-brand called KISMET, a line of homewares, papergoods and organizers for the home or office. KISMET, which means ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’ in Turkish, is an extension of their passion for all things pretty and colourful. All products are handpicked with love by the same creative minds behind FABMANILA.

Sheila and Jen